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It is expensive not to do it!

The high demand for services related to Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Innovation and other processes framed in Digital Transformation solutions, has generated the birth of all kinds of offers and solutions implemented by people and companies, of which many times its strategic and operational expertise is not verified, generating a large number of projects that are born without strategy, plans or objectives, going through uncontrolled implementations with platforms in which there is no guarantee of use and management of information, and ending up being projects unfinished because there comes a point at which the absence of methodology and real experience begins to be seen as necessary.

The ImkGlobal – Ingenieros de Marketing team, headed by and the Chief Growth Officer Camilo Castiblanco, with more than 18 years of experience in the Marketing and Digital Transformation sector, accompanied by a work team of more than 20 people, they accompany companies, organizations and projects to achieve the digital goals set.

What does the Digital Audit consist of?

It is the vision of experts on an implementation process, which allows identifying improvement opportunities for the fulfillment of the objective for which the project was designed.



Under which the process, objectives, indicators and expected results are implemented.



Offered and implemented by your current provider.


Of the objectives defined in the plan and outlined strategy. In some cases, it can be validated with the users or clients who benefit from the technology.

Benefits of auditing your projects and investments in Digital issues

According to the Deloitte report on The unexplored power of the «Digital Internal Audit» indicates the main benefits of doing this type of exercise

Risks resulting from manual processes are identified, therefore opportunities for digitization, optimization and automation are identified.

Unnecessary expenses are reduced or expenses that are not necessary to activate at the same time.


Process leaks, information leaks and possible fraud are discovered.

It will shield the company’s reputation

The data management of clients and people with whom the strategy intervenes is ensured

Through our experience as ImkGlobal Ingenieros de Marketing we can also mention some benefits:

There are more opportunities for improvement than errors.

New ways of developing strategies are identified

Internal training needs are identified for the understanding of digital processes.

It is proven that the maturity of the company is directly related to the marketing results

Is it expensive to audit?

We can say that it is expensive not to do it.

It is a process that can take a couple of hours depending on the level of complexity that must be analyzed.

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