ImkGlobal Ingenieros de Marketing throughout these 15 years has supported different organizations and universities in the development of training or continuos learning projects and we are able to:

  • Curricular design.
  • Curricular development.
  • Creations of the OVA (Virtual Learning Objects): Podcast, videos, animations, infographics, among others.
  • Academic management of courses: recruitment of teachers, operational coordination, classroom administration, material upload, attendance list, among others.
  • We have a platform for video conferences or we manage your platform.
    Certifications, launch events and closing events.

On our website, you can find some of the programs developed by us and for some third parties.

Translated from: Ingenieros de Marketing diseñamos de principio a fin sus cursos y programas académicos. –

MJ (Maria José) Ortiz Velásquez
Chief Research Officer
+1 (321) 263 7669
+57 316 700 1531