In the current business world, collaboration and teamwork are essential to achieve success. Red DHLA – Duale Hochschule Latinoamérica – and AHK Colombia – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Colombia – are two fundamental organizations that promote dual education, employability, and strengthen the relationships between Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Brazil. To achieve their goals, Ingenieros de Marketing – IMKglobal – plays a fundamental role in developing activities to strengthen their international cooperation with different parts of the network: partner universities, entrepreneurs, students, graduates, and their families.

IMKglobal is key to promoting the Red DHLA model in different countries, designing effective strategies to boost the growth and recognition of both entities, and ultimately enhancing the overall brand positioning of the Red.

One of the main purposes of IMKglobal is to coordinate and execute promotional activities for Red DHLA in collaboration with partner universities. To achieve this, they conduct a thorough market analysis, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each educational institution. This approach allows them to understand the needs and concerns of students interested in joining these universities, which is essential for developing effective and strategic communication that strengthens the ties between the universities and the Red DHLA.

Visible Actions

A notable example of IMKglobal’s dedication and commitment was their work for the successful event of Red DHLA, the 1st National Forum on Dual Higher Education. They took on the responsibility of planning, communication, direction, and logistics for the event on behalf of the Red DHLA. Thanks to their dedication and preparation, the forum had a positive impact on both the academic and business communities, with more than 150 in-person attendees and 200 virtual participants. This outstanding work demonstrates how IMKglobal contributes to the growth and recognition of Red DHLA coordinated by AHK Colombia through visible actions that leave an impact on the market.

A Passionate Team

The key to the success of IMKglobal lies in the dedication and passion of its talented team. They work tirelessly to achieve outstanding results in every project they undertake for the Red DHLA. Their commitment to promoting Red DHLA is evident in each initiative, resulting in the continuous growth of the network and increased visibility for the universities that are part of the Red DHLA.

In addition to their promotional activities for DHLA, IMKglobal also plays a crucial role in disseminating relevant information about the Red and the benefits it offers to students. Their constant support to partner universities in implementing the Red DHLA model in Latin America is invaluable, as it contributes to strengthening the capabilities of educational institutions and improves the overall quality of the Red.

Strategic Approach

IMKglobal has a well-executed strategic approach to drive not only the growth and consolidation of the Red DHLA but also to establish a strong foundation for its long-term success. By identifying key market opportunities, optimizing communication with partners, and capitalizing on the unique strengths of each brand, the strategic approach becomes the main driver of this increasingly ascending trajectory, ensuring relevance and positioning for the Red DHLA.


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