It can be a personalized class or a conference.

Previously, we listen to your needs. Based on those we set with you the learning objectives in order to have an schedule of topics to review and to teach you in a personalized way.


Personalized Class


Where are you at?


Pili – Presence


Vincent – Visibility


Pablo – Positioning

Our Expertise

Buyer Persona

Definition of the Buyer persona or profile of ideal customer for digital media. This class helps identify the key messages to send to people to read my messages and ads.


Professional configuration of Facebook profile. Activation of FanPage functions and integration with Whatsapp and Instagram.


Business Profile setup for Instagram and understanding of professional functions.

Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business settings and whatsapp buttons

Facebook Ads

Setting up Business Facebook and ad accounts.

Solve FB problems

Resolution of payment conflicts with Facebook.

Fan Page

Activation of advanced functions of the FanPage (Appointments, Virtual Store, others).

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Campaign Types

Definition of the best types of campaigns for your product.

Effective Ads

Structuring Effective Ads.

SEO/SEM Understanding

Understanding Organic Statistics and Digital Campaigns.


Remarketing: Facebook Pixel and integration with website.

Helpful APPs

 Mobile applications for managing social networks and advertising campaigns.

Pics and Video APPs

Mobile Applications to make eye-catching images and videos.

Build your website

How to make my website step by step.

Marketing and Budget Planning

How to make a Digital Marketing Plan and Budget.

Digital Audit

Identify opportunities for improvement in the current digital strategy and ecosystem

Digital Positioning

Development of SEO positioning strategies

Marketing Plan

50 tactics to develop in your Marketing plan

CRM Marketing

Implementation of Hubspot to activate digital marketing and improve sales conversions.

Data Analysis

Inventory of digital assets, creation of data dashboards.

Business Strategy

Commercial Relationship – B2B Strategies: Development of strategies and commercial agenda

Tri-phase Audience Method

Intelligently developing social media campaigns


Knowledge applied to Blockchain. – training, certification, project design

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